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Jul 17, 2018

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Asian Massage Stores Says Lawsuit Challenging FOSTA Anti-Prostitution Law on Censorship Grounds Neglects to Also Attack It for Race and Sex Discrimination

And, in fact, it practically mandates it.” DiBenedetto explained that Asian Massage Stores members operate law-abiding businesses that provide quality services in upscale salon settings and employ licensed, certified massage therapists, masseuses, and masseurs. “At my stores, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to employees inappropriately touching customers or suggesting any type of illegal activity,” he said. “As part of the enforcement mechanism, we routinely send in secret shoppers to interact with all our employees and report back on even so much as a hint of anything untoward. To lump us in with sex traffickers and prostitutes is wrong on so many levels that it’s difficult to count them all.” Even so, many Internet sites and review platforms flatly refuse content from or about Asian massage providers, DiBenedetto indicated. “Since it’s assumed we’re in the sex trade because we have Asian women offering Asian massage, platforms that used to run our ads and carry our reviews all the time now want nothing to do with us.” The loss of those online outlets is devastating to providers of Asian massage services, said DiBenedetto. “They are unfairly cutting our stores off from the consumers we need to attract in order to stay viable. The business model of the typical Asian massage store requires a continual inflow of new customers. That inflow is heavily disrupted by us being profiled.” DiBenedetto said Asian massage studio owners and masseuses now, “go to work every morning wondering if today will be the day their livelihoods vanish because all the doors have been slammed in their faces. This is so demoralizing, not to mention dehumanizing.” Ironically, Asian Massage Stores members were initially in favor of FOSTA. Said DiBenedetto, “We did not believe FOSTA would have any adverse impact on us. Why would it?

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