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Feb 23, 2017

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Christos Angelides Photographer: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images Angelides and a Marks & Spencer spokeswoman both declined to comment. When Steve Rowe was promoted from M&Ss head of clothing to become its chief executive officer in April he made it clear that arresting a five-year sales slump at the London-based retailers clothing division was his top priority. One of his first decisions was that he would personally remain in charge of the clothing business for the foreseeable future. In his capacity as Nexts group product director, Angelides was a thorn in the side of M&S for 16 years. He played a crucial role in luring customers away from the U.K.s largest clothing retailer, which saw its เสื้อคู่แนวๆ market share dwindle. In 2014, Angelides left Next to become president of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, where he didnt enjoy the same success. The 53-year-old was fired in December 2015 amid weak sales at the U.S. retailer, receiving a severance payment totaling $5.5 million, according to a company filing. Given his current circumstances, Angelides would beable to take up the role quickly.

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I chatted briefly with the folks at the Watkins Museum of History, and a staff member here looked through some of our archives. The files indicate Brinkman Bakery dates back to 1915 when it moved from Tonganoxie to Lawrence. It opened shop at 933 Mass. but moved to 816 Mass. in 1917. It looks like the Brinkmans sold it in 1944 but it operated with Brinkman name until 1947. It eventually became Ford Bakery. Brinkman's specialty product seemed to be something called Jayhawk bread. No word on what made the bread Jayhawk bread, but based on what I know about Jayhawk merchandise today, it cost 20 percent more than regular bread. Terry said he has found some old photos of the interior of the store through a collection at the Kansas Historical society.

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The government says the line is needed to increase network capacity - and insists it will be built on budget. The first phase of the railway is due to open in December 2026, with trains to travel at high speed between London and Birmingham before continuing on the existing West Coast Main Line. The Department for Transport says the project will cut Birmingham-London journey times from 1hr 21min to 49min. 'Big mistake' MPs are expected to give the scheme the final seal of approval this week when it returns to the Commons from the Lords. But the libertarian lobby group says government-managed large infrastructure projects have a poor record of being delivered on budget, with one project in the USA overrunning by 190%. In the UK, the Jubilee line extension was forecast to ขาย เสื้อครอบครัว cost 2.1 billion, but the bill rose to 3.5bn, partly because of huge cost overruns during construction. Channel Tunnel costs swelled by 80%. John O'Connell, chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "All the evidence shows that big government projects are delivered way over budget and almost never to deadline, so to allocate tens of billions of taxpayers' money to this white elephant is a big mistake." In a 2014 paper , Bent Flyvbjerg, Professor of Major Programme Management at Oxford University, laid out what he called the iron law of megaprojects: "Over budget, over time, over and over again." 'Big infrastructure rarely delivers' Friends of the Earth, who support high-speed rail when it diverts people from flying, say HS2 is the wrong scheme. They complain it doesn't join up to HS1 - the line that joins London to the continent - so doesn't provide the possibility of getting on a train in the North and getting off in Brussels or Paris. Image copyright Reuters Image caption The plan has attracted criticism from local and national groups Craig Bennett, FoE's director, told BBC News: "We think the money would be much better spent on a range of much smaller sustainable transport infrastructure projects to deliver real improvements to regular commuters and other train travellers over a far quicker timescale." "Big infrastructure rarely delivers on its promises. That's why we think Hinkley C nuclear station is also a waste of money.

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